Our Home at Legends

The group gets together to watch all PSG games at Legends (6 West 33rd Street between 5th and 6th Ave). We would like to thank Jack Keane and the entire team at Legends for their efforts in making it the premier bar to watch soccer in New York City.

Below is a message sent to the club’s supporters regarding our new home in the Fall of 2010.


Dear Supporters,

It is with both sadness and enthusiasm that we announce to you today the latest development. For various reasons which we explain below, the PSG Club New York City will begin watching future games at the Legends Bar (6W 33rd Street between 5th and 6th Ave) and no longer at Nevada Smiths, our home since February 2006, date of our club’s inception. This decision was made last weekend at Nevada Smiths with the whole group during the game against Lorient.

Jack Keane and Kieron Slattery, the two gentlemen and barmen at Nevada Smiths, were our backbone since the beginning and helped us place the founding bricks of the club. Without their help, it would have certainly complicated things and we would have likely never experienced some of those unforgettable moments in our dear East Village pub. This bar, throughout the years, was able to bring together a staggering number of supporter clubs from all over the world. When friends and family would ask where to go for a soccer game in New York, we’d automatically respond “Nevada’s.” Over the years, it became the true Mecca for soccer fans not only here in New York, but across the U.S. and even around the world. The good old half-time breaks on 3rd avenue or post game beers in the rear courtyard; Nevada’s in essence represented a second home to many of us in addition to the fact that it was a unique place where fans of opposing teams could peacefully enjoy watching games under the same roof. Unfortunately, something which to this day is still not a very common sight back in Europe…

Unfortunately, since March 2010, the situation has gradually deteriorated. It all began when Kieron was unjustly fired by one of the owners of the bar for reasons which are very controversial to say the least. Finally, the final tipping point was the firing of Jack just two months ago. With few options, we decided to temporarily stay at Nevada’s with the hope that we’d be able to find a new solution. It was during the following weeks where we saw first hand the gradual decline and end of our beloved Nevada; the chants, singing and all around companionship we experienced between the supporters clubs existed no more. An empty Nevada’s became of sorts an abandoned cathedral, a fact which would have been impossible to imagine not long beforehand. Our second to last game at Nevada’s will forever remain our victory over Marseille in early November. The story will unfortunately end there…

Most recently, Jack and part of his crew just began a new adventure at the Legends, a huge bar right in front of the Empire State Building with the goal of bringing to this Midtown location the same spirit which we all experienced at Nevada’s. The supporters clubs for a number of teams have decided to set-up camp at Legends as well. So please join us as we open a new chapter in the story of the PSG Club New York City starting this Saturday at 11am for PSG/Caen.

Look forward to seeing you all soon in our new home, and Allez Paris

Julian, Pierre and Nico
PSG Club New York City